Can I enrol once the term started? What happens to the missed lesson/s?

You can enrol at any time during the term. If you enrol in week 2 and need to catch up on the week 1 lesson missed, we will provide you with 2 or 3 alternative times that your child come come to in order to catch up. If you enrol from week 3 onwards, we will calculate the pro-rata of fees you need to pay for the remainder of the term. For programs which include a free junior racquet as a gift from us, if you enrol from week 3 onwards, your pro-rata figure will have an additional $10 as an allowance for the junior racquet.


What about lessons missed due to bad/extreme weather (rain, hot weather); do we just lose those lessons?

We provide a maximun of 2 catch-up lessons in lieu of lessons lost due to rain or extreme heat. These lessons are organised at the end of every term and we inform you in advanced of days and times when they will be held. The reason why we have a ‘9 weeks term’ when the School Term is 10 weeks, is so we can utilise week 10 for catch up lessons missed due to weather. When week 10 is not sufficient (very unlikely) we will use the first couple of days in the school holidays. All lessons missed due to weather during a term must be caught up during this catch up period. For more info on weather policy, please check ‘Terms & Conditions’ at the bottom of the page.