DRILL IT! – Adult Training Program

Drill It Tennis Mount Barker South Australia

Adult Training Program at Mount Barker

I am extremely excited to introduce our NEW ‘Adult Training Program’ at the Mount Barker Tennis Club.
These training sessions will have you on your toes, hitting lots of balls,
improving your touch and your fitness, as well as your doubles strategy along the way.

It’s called DRILL IT!
And it’s because that is what you will be doing!
1-hour weekly sessions, based around competitive ‘live’ drills, mostly doubles, very dynamic, which will give players lots of touches on the ball, practice, improved fitness and fun. Groups will be between 6 and 8 players organised according to level of play.
The program is suited to Club Players of ALL LEVELS. It is not a High Performance Program,
however sessions will incorporate elements of High Performance for the more advanced groups.

FIRST SESSION FREE! so you can ‘test drive’ ‘DRILL IT!’

Email [email protected] or Call Us Now on 0421 821 920!

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