5 Unbelievable Ways Tennis Makes Kids Smarter Faster

Does playing sports make kids smarter?

Doctors and other health experts agree that physical activity makes you healthier, happier, and slimmer – never mind that this is a fun-filled game. Tennis if learned early, can be physical and social pursuit for life. As for kids, playing tennis is certainly very good for their mind. The child learns important life skills such as teamwork, self-confidence, and dedication. In addition, learning tennis involves skills that complement and enhance the school curriculum. Your child will feel more confident and resilient by playing the competitive fun games that are part of every lesson due to the emphasis on working to achieving the skills in their own time which in turn makes it more likely they fall in love with the game of tennis and that they will want to play the game even when they become adults. Here are the unbelievable ways that tennis will make your kid sharper and more active in life:

Accepts Responsibility

Tennis might look like a very simple game of hitting a small ball back and forth. However, the game demands that a player be responsible. They should religiously show up for practice. They should play to be better players than they were. A child then simply learns to be responsible for their own improvement in the game. This virtue is slowly but surely cultivated into a child’s life. A child who owns up their actions is able to make better life choices.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Tennis requires planning and developing playing strategies. Every other time, you meet different players. It could even be playing against the same players who use different strategies to play and win their games. Adaptability is what a tennis player is forced to include in their strategies. Every opponent presents a challenge that the child is supposed to deal with. A child will then start developing a skill of quickly adapting to change. This by extension helps them become problem solvers in tough situations.

Mental Strength Improves

Tennis is not just hitting a ball over a net. Some of the things that a child is able to apply include geometry, physics, and angles. A child is able to determine where the ball will land if it is hit in a certain way and angle. It then means that a child finds an easy way to apply what they learn in class in a real-life situation. This will then make them relate what they learn in class with what exists outs there, which is what many students lack.

Motor Precision

Skills such as drop shots, angled volleys, and lobs make a child become precise when playing their games. Tennis also requires that a child run all over the court. This makes them improve general motor coordination as well as learn better ball striking skills. When these skills are combined with the regular flexibility exercises a player has to do before and after a game, they become physically fit and agile. As studies have shown, a physically fit child has high self-esteem and this positively counts when it comes to their studies.

Building Self-Confidence

Trusting your instincts and yourself is one of the first things you learn when you start playing tennis. Trusting your judgment is a very important thing especially for a child. The child will learn to trust themselves and will avoid second-guessing themselves in the decisions they make in their everyday life.

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