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Hot Shots Tennis Strathalbyn

Hot Shots Tennis coaching is the ideal way to unwrap a destination of success where physical activities are presented in an astonishing fun way from as young as 4 years of age. Apart from the fun tennis coaching provides, it is also an incredible way to develop key skills such as concentration, being able to listen properly, and self-esteem. Additional skills learned through tennis coaching are hand-eye coordination, fast reaction and movement skills, ball skills, and of course valuable social skills.

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Hot Shots Tennis Strathalbyn

Every parent wants the best for their kids. With the tennis coaching based on the Hot Shots Tennis Program Strathalbyn you can rest assured that only the best certified tennis coaches will work with your kids. Small hands and feet need small equipment, and therefore this program make use of exactly that in order for youngsters as young as 4 years can start to join in this fun way of tennis coaching and learn these key development skills from a very young age.

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As mentioned, tiny hands and feet need tiny equipment. Kids get lessons on a small tennis court, with miniature nets, lighter racquets, and low compression balls. Other equipment includes cones, hoops, and footwork ladders. All equipment is designed to ensure that these little ones can enjoy learning new skills in a comfortable manner in as safe environment. In addition, all these factors along with the structure of the lessons ensure that kids learn to love physical activities in general apart from just playing tennis.

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With the specialized equipment it is safe for kids from 4 years onwards to join in the program that will provide them with a fun way that will teach them unknowingly skills that will have value for a lifetime. Smaller tennis courts is not so intimidating as the standard courts, low compression balls do not bounce as high and back as standard tennis balls, much lower nets is use to ensure those little hands can hit the ball over it with a much smaller and lighter racquet. It is all designed for the safe enjoyment and comfort of kids.

It is important for small children to learn to use tennis equipment and the skills that go along with it correct from the onset along with movement skills. This can only be achieved with age appropriate equipment and bringing it to them in a playful way they enjoy.

Kids of any age from 4 years and up can enrol for these lessons. It is advisable that you allow your kid to start as soon as possible from a young age. The level of tennis skill your kid has is also irrelevant. Hot Shots Tennis lessons Strathalbyn are structured to match various age groups in order to ensure that their emotional, social, and physical skills match.

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The right place for your kid to get Hot Shots tennis lessons from is where the coach interacts with kids in a manner that make them feel confident and inspire them to succeed while they are having a great time. It should be a place where kids can experience a sense of success and constructive progression while having healthy fun not only about tennis but for general physical activities as well.

The aim of the Tennis Hot Shots Program is to:

  • Induce strong self-confidence by using educational movements and sporting activities.
  • Create an attitude, consciousness and skills that kids will embrace and excel with certainty and success at the various stages available.
  • Provide a challenge for kids to join in a large selection of ball, racquet, balance, three-dimensional, awareness, midline, and agility skills.
  • Allow children to challenge their abilities in a non-competitive environment where they can be successful and increase their abilities.

Tennis related skills that are focused on are jumping and balance, throwing, and basic co-ordination running. The basic strokes that kids will learn at first will be the backhand, forehand, smashes, and volleys.

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The Hot Shots Tennis Program Strathalbyn for kids is intended to let each little human being that is interested in tennis to have the opportunity to begin immediately. The four different levels set the stage for fun and learning with a strong focus on triumph as they progress from the one level to the next.

Signing your child up for tennis lessons that involve the Hot Shots Australia program will be the assurance that your child will enjoy training form a highly skilled, accredited Hot Shots Tennis Coach for Strathalbyn, Adelaide.