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Parents in Nairne near Littlehampton, South Australia want to be sure that their children are getting the absolute best from the coach they choose. For that reason it is important to know that the tennis lessons provided in Nairne are based on the motivating Tennis Hot Shots program. Due to the use of specialized equipment especially designed for small hands and feet, children from as little as 3 years can join in the program. This will allow these youngsters to become familiar with vital early developmental skills.

Tennis Hot Shots Nairne

A successful Hot Shots Tennis experience is created by using this special equipment and while using these equipment children learns right from the start to use a tennis racquet and ball in the correct way as well as movement skills play-play along the way that is age appropriate. It is important for small children to learn to use tennis equipment and the skills that go along with it correct from the onset along with movement skills. This can only be achieved with age appropriate equipment and bringing it to them in a playful way they enjoy.


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All the Hot Shots tennis training equipment that is used, are designed in such a way that it is safe for a 4 year old to join in the fun that will have value for them for the rest of their lives. Lighter tennis racquets for Hot Shots ensures easy handling with comfort. Low compression balls do not bounce back so hard and high that it might injure them. The nets and court are much smaller so the will not wear out running around a standard court.

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Nairne Tennis Lesson EnrolmentThere is no restriction on the age children can join Hot Shots tennis Nairne, South Australia and it is advisable to allow them as soon as they are able. It is also not important what tennis skills your child has. Everyone is welcome regardless skill or age. Tennis sessions are organized to match age groups together. This is done to make sure that physical, emotional, and social levels correspond with each other. In order to ensure that as much as possible, the kids in Nairne, Adelaide can take part in the Hot Shots lessons, times and lessons are flexible and presented at times that is most agreeable for the majority of people.

Tennis Coaching Information for Nairne

Coaching times and structures are flexible and made available at times that is most accommodating. Typically lessons are offered in groups as an 8 week program in school terms. It is presented four times per year with additional clinics during school holidays.

The goal of the Tennis Hot Shots Program is to:

  • To use sporting activities and educational movements to institute and advance strong self-confidence.
  • To bring into being attitude, impressions, and skills those children will accept with certainty and proficiency on the different stages available.
  • To make available challenges for children by means of a variety of three-dimensional, agility, balance, awareness, ball, racquet, and midline skills.
  • Allow children to challenge their own abilities in a non-competitive environment where they feel comfortable to enhance their skills and succeed.

Elementary skills that are strongly associated with tennis are balancing, co-ordination, jumping, running, and throwing. Strokes that are concentrated on are the backhand, forehand, smashes, and volleys.

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The Hot Shots Tennis Program for kids at Nairne, Littlehampton, Mount Barker and its surround suburbs in Adelaide is developed to allow each child that wants to play tennis to start right away. There are 4 distinctive Hot Shots Tennis levels that allow kids to learn in a playful way and reach goals with success as they progress through the levels.

Registering your child up for tennis lessons near Nairne that involve the Hot Shots Australia program will be the assurance that your child will enjoy training form a highly skilled, accredited coach.