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Kids Hot Shots Tennis Coaching Mount Barker, South Australia

Mount Barker Tennis CoachTennis is a great fun way to assist in the development of the important skills children need to learn from an early age such as concentration, how to listen, and sense of worth. It is a remarkable way to uncover a fun way of physical activity from an early age that will also enhance their social skills and skills such as hand-eye coordination, ball skills, and rapid reaction and movement. Are you looking for the best Hot Shots Tennis Coach near Mount Barker?

Hot Shots Tennis at Mount Barker

As a parent it is important to know that your child is in the best possible hands during these tennis lessons. Therefore, lessons are founded on the exciting Tennis Hot Shots Australia program. With the use of tailored equipment it is possible to accommodate kids from as young as 4 years old. This enables the early establishing of important skills.

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Apart from the miniature nets and smaller courts, cones, hoops, footwork ladders, and low compression balls are used to make it easy for all kids to develop their skills in a safe, yet fun filled environment with good structure and lessons that encourage not only tennis but general physical activity as well. The tennis racquets used are smaller and lighter, the balls do not bounce back so high, and do not run around on a general size court. Every aspect is designed to suit kids from age 3 to join in and have fun while learning something that last a lifetime.

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Beginner to Advanced Tennis Lessons Mount Barker

Mount Barker Tennis Lesson EnrolmentWith the use of this tailored equipment your child will learn to control the tennis racquet and ball with ease and other movement skills appropriate for his or her age that will lay the foundation for a successful tennis experience.
It goes without saying that children can start with tennis training at any age, but it cannot be disputed that the sooner is better. Hot Shots Tennis Coaching at Mount Barker is not only provided to beginners or small children. It does not matter what tennis skill level your child has, he will be accommodated. Classes are arranged according to age to ensure they match each other’s emotional, social, and physical development levels.

It is important for optimum development opportunities that kids feel safe in an encouraging environment that will allow them to excel and cultivate a healthy positive attitude towards not only tennis but other sports and physical activity in general.

Hot Shots Tennis Coaching for Mount Barker

Coaching times and structures are flexible and made available at times that is most accommodating. Typically lessons are offered in groups as an 8 week program in school terms. It is presented four times per year with additional clinics during school holidays.

The purpose of lessons based on the Hot Shots Tennis program is to:

  • Establish and improve a healthy self-esteem with sporting activities and educational movement.
  • Establish skills, impressions, and attitudes in order for kids to embrace with confidence and competency the various levels available.
  • Provide a challenge for kids to join in a large selection of ball, racquet, balance, three-dimensional, awareness, midline, and agility skills.
  • Allow children to challenge their abilities in a non-competitive environment where they can be successful and increase their abilities.

Tennis related skills that are focused on are jumping and balance, throwing, and basic co-ordination running. Strokes that are concentrated on are the backhand, forehand, smashes, and volleys.

Start Playing Hot Shots Tennis at Mount Barker, Adelaide

The Hot Shots Tennis Program for kids at Mount Barker and its surround suburbs in Adelaide is developed to allow each child that wants to play tennis to start right away. The four levels provide fun and assure some sense of accomplishment once they advance to the next level.

Enrolling your child for tennis lessons that make use of the Hot Shots program serves as a guarantee that you will be dealing with a qualified and skilled tennis coach at Mount Barker, Adelaide.