About Us

Atilio Waltcheff Tennis School

The growth of tennis and the importance of a physically active life are at the heart of the AWTS’s philosophy. Of particular relevance to Atilio is the Junior Development Program. This program consists of a variety of coaching, training and competition activities, which cover the participation and enjoyment of the sport of tennis for children 4 to 17 years of age.

Holding a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement from UNISA, Atilio strongly believes that a person develops the love for physical activity very early in life. In today’s sedentary society, in which obesity and cardiovascular disease are so prominent, a person who develops that habit from an early age has a better chance of living a healthier life.

We strive to provide a rewarding tennis experience. Our coaches are fully trained, friendly, knowledgeable and fully committed to help students to achieve their goals. Constant coaching feedback and workshops ensure the quality of lessons remains high.

The atmosphere around our Tennis School transfers into the club’s. Students are encouraged to join our partner, the Mount Barker Tennis Club to play in the Hills Tennis Association Junior Tennis Competition and are fully supported by Atilio. Club Practices conducted by Atilio as the Club Coach reinforce sporting as well as behavioural skills. This makes for a very cohesive group of people led by an experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Head Coach. We like our students to be recognized by the way they behave as much as the way they play. Coming to the Atilio Waltcheff Tennis School and playing for for the Mount Barker Tennis Club your child will become part of a healthy and encouraging environment for years to come.